China Recruiter
Recruiting Expert In Industrial Sector

Our Methodologies

l          Telephone interview, we identify candidates’ competences such as technical skill, management skill, interpersonal skill, language skill, personality; Since high talents are always busy in the work, it saves their time and our search time for phone interview

l          Behavior interview, it is base on candidates’ previous performance and practice, through behavior interview, we identify what candidates have done

l          Scenario interview, it is based on the clients’ requirements and assumptions, through scenario interview, we identify what candidates can do and will do

l          Proactively  search rather than post advertisements to attract resumes, that is the guarantee to get suitable candidates with integrity within a short time

l          We are equipped with advanced search tool—Smart Hunt—ERP for headhunting industry, it is shared by all of our offices and search consultants and it integrates all of our resources, which makes us more efficient