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Why Search

In order to ensure that the best and most suitable candidates are surfaced, targeted search campaigns are recommended for where the position fulfills one of the following criteria: 

  • Where demand is in excess of supply – in this case advertising or database
    search is unlikely to yield sufficient qualified candidates. For the urgent, critical and also demanding talents, it needs to proactive to find out the selling points of the company and the opportunity to attract the talents. 

  • Where a top quartile or above candidate is being sought (whatever the salary level) – Statistics show that the most successful performers tend not to respond to advertisements nor do they register their resumes with agencies, recruitment companies or candidate e-postings.  In these circumstances a search consultant is best placed to research, target and approach successful candidates, then motivate them to consider an opportunity to further their career. 

  • Where you have an urgent or critical needThe China Recruiter methodology aims to have a shortlist of qualified candidates to you within 3-5 weeks of starting the search campaign.  We believe this is the quickest in the industry.

  • Where there is an element of sensitivity involved, and confidentiality is critical.

  • Where cultural considerations require a professional assessment of a candidate's goals and motivations prior to an offer being made.
    It is our assertion, backed up by statistical data, that advertising alone is unlikely to yield candidates who are of the caliber required as it is likely that the top quartile performers are motivated, successful and may not regularly scan recruitment pages.
    Search will enable us to identify (through thorough research), target and approach suitably qualified candidates for the position, most of whom will not be looking for a move, then motivate them to consider your opportunity by selling it thoroughly and thoughtfully.

  • Assignment Management
    A successful search assignment requires rigorous project management and a mutual commitment between the search firm and the client.  There is a saying in our industry that time kills all deals”.  This relates to the fact that once a candidate is motivated to consider an opportunity, 2 things normally happen:

    • The passage of time causes the candidate to cool off .

    • The candidate, who may have not considered a move, will suddenly start keeping his eyes open, scanning the recruitment pages and attempt to determine his current market value.